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A&D HC/HD counting scales
Designed for cost conscientious users.  High quality, full featured counting scales.  Choice of simple operation "A version" or "B version" which has 10-button keypad for direct entry of tareweight, piece weight & sample size.  (ACAI) Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement feature for excellent counting accuracy.  New electronic design for improved operation.  Comparator function for use in checkweighing operations.  M+ totaling for running totals.  Standard AC Adapter: Optional dry cell battery or rechargeable battery operation for use in portable operations and in areas with no power or power blackouts.  Automatic power off function to conserve battery life.  The HD Series have a detachable display head for use with large sized containers and for flexible reading & operation

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Model Part # Price
HC-3KA 6lb x 0.001lb  13212 $595
HC-6KA 12lb x 0.002lb 13213 $595
HC-12KA 30lb x 0.005lb 13214 $595
HC-3KB 6lb x 0.001lb  13215 $655
HC-6KB 12lb x 0.002lb 13216 $655
HC-12KB 30lb x 0.005lb 13217 $655
Options for HC series    
HC-03 RS232 output 13218 $129
HC-04 Comparator output  13219 $159
HC-05 20ma current loop output 13220 $109
Model Part # List Price
HD-12KA 30lb x 0.005lb 13221 $945
HD-30KA 60lb x 0.01lb 13222 $945
HD-60KA 120lb x 0.02lb 13223 $945
HD-12KB 30lb x 0.005lb 13224 $995
HD-30KB 60lb x 0.01lb 13225 $995
HD-60KB 120lb x 0.02lb 13226 $995
Options for HD series    
HD-03 RS232 output 13227 $129
HD-04 Comparator output  13228 $159
HD-05 20ma current loop output 13229 $109
HD-06 Carrying handle for HD series 13230 $79
AD-1681 Rechargeable battery pack 13122 $219
Service Parts    
TB:110 AC adapter 110VAC 11304 $53
TB:123 AC adapter 220VAC 11542 $67



A&D FC counting scales
High resolution: 1/500,000 internal and 1/10,000 display.  Bright easy to read fluorescent displays for Piece Count, Unit Weight and Count Weight.  Durability for use in industrial environments.  Memory to store and retrieve up to 300 Unit Weights (tare weights also) by ID numbers.  Optional Bar Code reader for instant input of up to 300 store Unit Weights.  Optional Remote scale system.  Optional Nicad battery pack runs for up to 10 hours between charges.  Optional RS232/Current loop output.  12.4"W x 17"D x 3.66"H.

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Model Part # List Price
FC-500 1lb x 0.0001lb 12137 $1,295
FC-1000 2lb x 0.0002lb 12138 $1,295
FC-2000 5lb x 0.0005lb 12139 $1,295
FC-5000 10lb x 0.001lb 12140 $1,295
FC-10K 20lb x 0.002lb 12141 $1,295
FC-20K 50lb x 0.005lb 12142 $1,295
FC-31K 75lb x 0.01lb 12143 $1,395
FC-50K 100lb x 0.01lb 12144 $1,495
FC-01 Bar code reader 12546 $459
FC-02 Nicad battery pack 12547 $339
FC-03 RS232/Current loop output 12548 $195
FC-04 Display arm kit 12549 $209
FC-05 Remote scale connector 12805 $75
FC-07 Wall mount kit 11573 $169
FC-08 6ft extension cable 12550 $119
Service Parts    
TB:110 Ac adapter 110VAC 11304 $53


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